FLOWW Network has always prided itself on its commitment to empowering its community and fostering a sense of collaboration among its users. In the pursuit of further democratizing the platform and making its services even more user-centric, the FLOWW team introduces an exciting new feature: Snake River Valley Awards. This innovative concept allows users to actively participate in shaping the direction of the platform’s development before and after the sports season seasons. Get ready as we start into the Pre-Season Voting for Football! and lets figure out the Pre-Season Favorites.

Lets get started by showing off the Top 5 Athletes shown from our Instagram about a month ago:

Tyler Feeley – Payette – RB, WR, FS

Career Stats

Tyler Feeley is a dynamic triple-threat player for the Payette Pirates, excelling as a running back, wide receiver, and free safety. He’s showcased remarkable speed and agility, accumulating 109 yards rushing and 46 yards receiving, while also playing a crucial defensive role with an average of 12.1 yards allowed per game. Feeley’s versatile skills make him a valuable asset to the team’s success on multiple fronts.

Brock Spencer – Weiser – SB, WR, CB

Career Stats

Brock Spencer is an exceptional athlete for the Weiser team, contributing as a standout in multiple positions – slot back, wide receiver, and cornerback. His remarkable versatility shines through both offensively and defensively. Spencer has displayed his offensive prowess with an impressive total of 389 yards, averaging 12.5 yards per carry. As a wide receiver, he has made 31 receptions, showcasing his ability to consistently make impactful plays. On the defensive end, Spencer’s skills as a cornerback have been evident, allowing an average of only 32.4 yards per game. His dynamic abilities across positions make him an invaluable asset to Weiser’s success on every front.

Danny Lomeli – Homedale – WR, CB

Career Stats

Danny Lomeli is a standout player for Homedale, making significant contributions as a wide receiver and cornerback. His exceptional skills shine on both sides of the ball. Offensively, Lomeli has amassed an impressive total of 448 yards, averaging an impressive 21.3 yards per reception. As a wide receiver, he has made a remarkable 19 receptions, showcasing his consistency in making crucial plays. Defensively, Lomeli’s prowess as a cornerback is evident, allowing an average of only 8.8 yards per game. His dual-threat capabilities make him a valuable asset to Homedale’s success in every facet of the game.

Kaleb Grove – Weiser – RB, MLB

Career Stats

Kaleb Grove, a formidable presence for Weiser, stands out as a running back and middle linebacker. His exceptional talents span offense and defense, showcasing his impact on the game. Offensively, Grove has showcased his power and speed, amassing an impressive 523 yards with an average of 4.6 yards per carry. As a running back, he has made 11 receptions, demonstrating his versatility in contributing to crucial plays. Defensively, Grove’s prowess as a middle linebacker is evident, allowing an average of only 34.6 yards per game. His dual-role capabilities make him a crucial asset in Weiser’s success on all fronts

Coye Coffman – Fruitland – WR, DB

Career Stats

Junior Coye Coffman shines brightly for Fruitland as a wide receiver and defensive back. Offensively, he’s racked up an impressive 228 yards at an average of 17.5 yards per reception, with 13 receptions in total. Defensively, Coffman allows just 25.3 yards per game, showcasing his skills as a defensive back. His versatile talent bodes well for Fruitland’s success on both sides of the field.

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Voting starts Wednesday, August 2nd at 11:30, and will end Sunday, August 6th. Results will be posted on Monday. Good luck!


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