We are looking for sponsors!

FLOWW Network is looking for sponsors to fund new equipment to get rolling into the 2023-2024 Year. We would like to have most of the equipment purchased by May and ready to live broadcast each school’s graduation to the community. We are giving away advertising space on our social media platforms, website, and any live streams we broadcast.

Our goal for this next year:
-Better quality broadcasts for everyone
-Better Audio
-Better visuals and graphics
-Different Camera Angles
-Broadcast every Payette Football game + a list of different SRV Basketball games (Games of the Week, etc)

What we need to achieve our goals:
-Better Internet Hotspot
-Higher Quality Camera(s)
-Microphones (Wire + Wireless)
-People who want to have a kickstart in the industry

A quick run down of the major equipment in our list:
Canon AX60’s (Cameras)
YOLOBox Pro (Portable Encoder)
GlocalMe (Portable Internet)
Rode Shotgun Mics (Audio)

We appreciate everyone who donates and sponsors FLOWW Network. We promise to offer the best services we can to the community.

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