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Payette Dominates Homedale to Secure Second Place in Rankings

In a thrilling match-up between Payette Pirates and Homedale Trojans, Payette emerged victorious with a score of 14-13. The game came down to the last inning with Jake Penfold hitting a walk-off home run, securing the win for Payette.

Payette trailed for most of the game but mounted a comeback in the eighth and ninth inning, led by the impressive performance of their batters. Jacob Penfold had a particularly good game with a batting average of .750, hitting three runs and a home run. Jaydin Morin also had a solid performance, with two runs and two RBIs.

WATCH: Jacob Penfold’s Walk-Off Home Run to secure the win against Homedale

Homedale had an equally impressive performance, with Dillon D. Fine hitting two home runs and six RBIs, leading the Trojans to a strong lead throughout the game. Sigmund Goode also had a good game with four runs and two RBIs.

The game was a critical one for Payette, as they were at risk of losing their Second Place spot in the rankings if they lost. However, their impressive performance allowed them to maintain their position and possibly even move up.

In terms of pitching, both teams struggled, with Payette’s Jahzyon Sylva having an ERA of 4.67 and Jacob Penfold having an ERA of 16.80. Homedale’s Chance Martel had an ERA of 31.50, while Dillon D. Fine had an ERA of 0.00. While pitching was not a strong point for either team in this game, the impressive performances of their batters made up for it.

Overall, it was a thrilling game between two talented teams, with Payette emerging as the winners in the end. Homedale will stay in 3rd place, and Payette will keep their 2nd Place spot. With this win, they have solidified their position in the rankings and are looking forward to future games.

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