Nominate YOUR Athlete for the Winter SRV Awards!

As we close out the Winter sports and start into the Spring Sports, it’s time for another round of SRV Awards!

This is Round 1, where we NOMINATE your local athletes for the awards. The Awards are as followed:

Boys & Girls Basketball

  • Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award: Recognizing the player who had the most significant impact on their team’s success.
  • Top Scorer Award: Given to the player with the highest average points per game.
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Awarded to the player who demonstrated exceptional defensive skills and contributed significantly to their team’s defense.
  • Rookie of the Year: Recognizing the most outstanding first-year player in the conference.
  • Sportsmanship Award: Presented to the player who exemplifies outstanding sportsmanship and leadership both on and off the court.
  • Clutch Performer Award: Given to the player who consistently delivers under pressure situations, making crucial plays or shots in critical moments of the game.
  • Heart and Hustle Award: Recognizing the player who consistently displays outstanding effort, determination, and hustle on the court, serving as a role model for their teammates.


  • Most Valuable Wrestler (MVW) Award: Recognizing the wrestler who made the most significant impact on their team’s performance.
  • Outstanding Wrestler Award: Given to the wrestler who consistently demonstrated exceptional skill and determination on the mat.
  • Pin King/Queen Award: Awarded to the wrestler with the most pins during the season.
  • Most Improved Wrestler: Recognizing the wrestler who showed the most improvement over the course of the season.
  • Mentorship Award: Presented to the wrestler who best embodies the values of the sport, including dedication, perseverance, and leadership.


There’s one or two awards that are individual. These awards are more TEAM based.


  • Spirit Award: Recognizing the team that best exemplifies school spirit and enthusiasm during performances.
  • Most Creative Routine Award: Awarded to the team with the most innovative and creative routine.
  • Most Improved Team: Recognizing the cheer or dance team that showed the most improvement throughout the season.
  • Best All-Around Team: Presented to the team that is simply put: The Best All-Around in the SRV.
  • Crowd Favorite Award: Presented to the team whose performances consistently captivate and energize the audience, earning admiration and support from spectators.


  • Technique Excellence Award: Recognizing an individual who demonstrates exceptional technique, precision, and skill in their performances, executing movements with impeccable form and style.
  • Team Spirit Award: Given to an individual who consistently uplifts and motivates their teammates, fostering a positive and supportive team atmosphere while embodying the true spirit of cheerleading or dance.
  • Leadership Award: Given to a member of the cheer or dance team who demonstrates exceptional leadership skills both on and off the field

You can officially vote for the SRV Winter Sports Awards right here:

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Cody Smithies
Author: Cody Smithies


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